Pair of 19th century panels

Pair of 19th century panels

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W: 46cm (18.1")H: 52cm (20.5")


Two identically sized religious panels dating to the 19th century, one depicting the Agnus Dei (lamb) and the other a pelican feeding its young. 

The embroidered lamb is more raised than the panel of the bird but both have been worked in different types of gold and silver threads, gold and silver spangles and silk thread.    The lamb's face and leg are made from pressed metal and then the body is gold threadwork.  Both are stitched onto paper which is well worn. 

The work, particularly on the lamb is raised and very fine, the condition of both is good with minor wear.  The bird panel has a gold cord around the edge but this has come off the lamb panel at some point. 

I would imagine that both panels would originally have been part of vestments 

These could either be framed, used in an upholstery project or just wall hung.

The price is for both panels.